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  Karaoke - the Ultimate DIY Disaster
Karaoke is, without doubt, the definitive social equaliser. Regardless of your walk of life, no one is immune to the fear and nervousness of stepping up to a microphone to sing in front of a captive audience. Whether performing for friends, family, work colleagues or complete strangers, the fear of making a complete 'ass' of yourself can haunt us all.
  Karaoke is often considered as the ultimate DIY (Do-It-Yourself) experience, but donít despair, it neednít be the usual inevitable DIY disaster. By simply following a few basic Doís and Doníts, as well as putting in a bit of private practice, you should be able to easily and quickly master the Art of Karaoke.
  Karaoke Performance Secrets Revealed
This FREE 6 part / 6 day course is designed to improve the confidence and performance of both newbies and existing Karaoke singers. It is based round the premise that if you are going to get up and sing why not stand up with the cards already heavily stacked in your favour. By learning a few basic tips and tricks of Karaoke the next time you step up to the microphone you should easily be able to hold your own, have fun and possibly - you never know - perhaps even be the Star of the Show!
  In this 6 Part Karaoke Course YOU will Learn:
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  Day 1 - The Fundamental Prerequisites of Karaoke Singing
Day 2 - The 12 Do's and Don'ts of Karaoke Singing
Day 3 - Making Your Performance Come Alive
Day 4 - Tried & Tested Vocal Techniques
Day 5 - Mastering the Microphone
Day 6 - How to make sure it will be Alright on the Night
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